The Hawkesbury River is steeped in Early NSW Tourism History.

"In sorting through the estate of my late parents I have found – among other things- a brochure of Hawkesbury River Tours dating back to before WW11. There are “Four Distinctive Combined Round Tours“ advertised, prices ranging from 9/6 , 23/6, 7/6 and 16/6.  A map details the tours by motor, launch, railway.

Brochure donated so others can enjoy it - by Norma Hoogenboom of Childers QLD. 

On behalf of Mr Reg Breman and Mrs Doreen Breman, Bendigo. Vic.

Now with the State Records Authority of New South Wales

Note the Hawkesbury River Railway Bridge (Brooklyn Bridge) is the original bridge built in the late 1800's and replaced in 1946.


Note Rabbit Island - later known as Peat Island.


Note Tourism NSW booking office in Martin Place Sydney prior to advertising phone numbers.



State Records Authority of New South Wales

The brochure is part of the series Department of Railways; NRS 16410, Albums of Travel and Advertising Brochures.

The brochure has been digitised and may be viewed in our database Archives Investigator at the links below:

 This images is identical to the brochure on the Hawkesbury Tourist site.



 This image is same as above but different colour



 We hold some additional brochures on the Hawkesbury: