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Bike Shed for Hawkesbury River railway station at Brooklyn

A proposal for a Sydney Trains facility of a bike shed at Hawkesbury River Railway Station to store bikes for commuters and visitors to the area has been sent to Transport NSW.
With the lack of car parking facilities in Brooklyn, having a bike shed would encourage people to use bike transport to the station and for visitors arriving by train, to have somewhere to store their bikes while visiting Brooklyn and the Hawkesbury River on water.

If you would like to support the idea you can assist by also sending an email to Transport NSW on bike.locker@transport.nsw.gov.au and include your request for a bike shed for Hawkesbury River Station.
The more requests for a Bike Shed at Hawkesbury River railway station will increase the possibility of it being accepted in the next round of location assessments.

Thanks in advance
Tony - June 2019

The response from Transport NSW was as follows;

"Many thanks for contacting us.
Thank you for your wonderful suggestion for a bike shed to be installed at Hawkesbury River Station in Brooklyn.

An assessment of locations for the development and installation of bicycle parking facilities has been completed for the 2020/21 financial year and at this time there are no scheduled works to expand the bike locker network at this station.

Your request has been logged and will be taken into consideration during the next round of site assessments.

The best thing to do is to fill out the Transport for NSW Customer Feedback form on transportnsw.info/contact-us/general-feedback regarding your request and ask others to do the same.

Also asking others (such as the public and council) to email through their requests for the bike shed to us, as you did, so that their requests can be logged too would be good. Transport for NSW are committed to responding appropriately to customer complaints and feedback and to using the insights generated to guide business decisions to improve the products and services they offer."


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Welcome to the Hawkesbury Waterways regional site. Our area covers Sydney's Hawkesbury waterways of Pittwater, Cowan Waters, Broken Bay and the Hawkesbury River set in our pristine Hawkesbury Sandstone National Parks.

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